Bilingual Canadian International School - BCIS is an inclusive community committed to the development of future leaders in a bilingual setting. Built on academic achievement, commitment,to English Language proficiency, community service, global citizenship, collaboration, innovation, communication, and critical thinking, we challenge all members of our community to be active, lifelong learners.


At CISS, the Character Education in Action program focuses on 10 attributes put into action, one each month. Each attribute is explored through a variety of classroom curriculum activities that are age and grade appropriate and culturally sensitive. All teachers address these traits through student written work and posters, book read-alouds, classroom experiences, bulletin boards, journals, school fundraisers and social justice activities and student assemblies.

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Students at BCIS study both the statewide curriculum governed by the MoET Vietnam, and Ontario curriculum to develop students English



"Once a CISS-er, Always a CISS-er"



CISS Supports online study for students this week

In order to ensure that our students’ learning activities are not interrupted during this 1 week unexpected break due to the Coronavirus outbreak, CISS teachers will interact and support students online: All CISS teach

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A story of tears

Mr. Sy Nguyen - BCIS Secondary Vice-Principal A short article about the tears that I happened to witness at BCIS. BCIS team at Science Box It’s been three years since BCIS officially integrated a Makerspace program into the curriculum. And for three years I have been fortunate enough to work at, experience, and h

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Smart Home, a project of grade 9 BCIS

Ms.Chau My Linh BCIS "Every time you mention physics, what do you think of?" If your answer is all difficult formulas, exercises, and laws, you should have experienced the Grade 9 "Smart Home" Project to completely change this mindset! The "Smart Home" was a physics project in which students designed intelligent lig

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