Blind Taste Test - Connecting classrooms to the real-life business

Blind Taste Test - Connecting classrooms to the real-life business

In September, 2018, students in BUS11, Grade 11 Business, conducted a series of taste tests as part of a market research assignment that examined how customer preferences guide product development.

In Unit 1 of BUS11, students learned about the theory and practice behind market research and methods of gathering data that businesses use to build customer profiles, with the ultimate goal of developing, promoting, and selling products more effectively. 


For this assignment, students conducted a “blind taste test,” where two competing food or beverage brands were taste tested by “sample groups” of visiting students that represented the students in Grades 9-12 at CIS. 

A range of food products - noodles, popcorn, coffee, chips and other snack foods - were served in unlabelled packaging. 

After that, participants completed surveys that asked them for demographic data - age, gender -  and psychographic data - spending habits, taste preferences, and their personal product preference.

Following the sampling activity, students will analyze the completed surveys and present their findings in the form of a research report. This report will highlight customer preferences, and provide insights into how products can be improved to suit the needs of a specific demographic.

In addition to meeting the curriculum requirements for Unit 1, this assignment provides students with an understanding of the complex steps required to make products go from ideas on paper to items that are purchased by customers.

Mr. Joe Ticar, CIS Teacher