Saigon GIN Conference 2018

Saigon GIN Conference 2018

This year, the Canadian International School’s Global Issues Network (GIN) Council is proud to be the host school for the annual Saigon GIN conference, which will run from March 16-18.

The GIN Conference is an event that aims to raise awareness and inspire young people to be involved in addressing global issues. It consists of numerous activities that include GANG (Global Action Network Group) sessions, interactive workshops, TED talks, keynote speeches, and simulations. 


Saigon GIN Conference always attracts many participants from across Vietnam as well as neighbouring countries 

The theme for this year’s Saigon GIN conference is “Envisioning Arcadia” a name that was selected to reflect GIN’s vision of an ideal world. For 2018, as many as 300 students are expected to attend the conference from across Vietnam as well as neighbouring countries.

Over the past three months, the GIN Council’s Public Relations and Marketing Team has developed a range of material to promote the conference, including a logo, website, information board, and video. In the CIS cafeteria, the council is preparing a GIN-themed wall highlighting past events.

Last year, a GIN - themed wall was painted after Saigon GIN Conference 2017 at CIS

Prior to the conference, students will be divided into Global Action Network Groups (GANGs) of their choice. GANGs are at the heart of the conference, and give students the opportunity to examine, inform, and propose solutions  - both local and global -  to specific global issues. This year’s conference includes seventeen GANGs that fall into four categories:

Human rights, health, technology, and sustainability.

- Human rights:

  • Colourism

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Education for All

  • Gender Empowerment

  • Human Trafficking

  • LGBTQ+ in Asia

- Health:

  • Immunization

  • Psychological Disorders

  • Substance Abuse

- Technology:

  • Internet Privacy

  • Media Activism and Awareness

  • Robot Revolution

- Sustainability:

  • Animal Rights 
  • Food Waste
  • Ocean Awareness
  • Sustainable Lifestyles
  • Water and Sanitation

With only two months until the conference, the GIN Council has final preparations underway, and looks forward to welcoming participants to an exciting weekend of fun and learning! 

 For more information about the 2018 Saigon GIN Conference,

 please visit the conference website LINK HERE  or Email the GIN council at