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By Vu Ngoc Anh, BCIS Alumni, Class of 2017, Brock University, Canada

Hello, my name is Vu Ngoc Anh. You can call me May. I am a member of BCIS’ third graduating class. Now, I am a freshman at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

By Vu Ngoc Anh, BCIS Alumni, Class of 2017, Brock University, Canada

Brock is one of the top 30 of 350  universities in Canada! Brock University offers a diversity of programs: faculties include Sports Management, Business and Education. There are great resource departments where students can find support for finance, studying…

You might wonder how they could know everybody in such a  big system? Many orientation days are given to help the freshmen familiarize themselves with the school. The support departments stay connected to students through email. However, from my experience, the freshman still  “get lost” in the first few days. So remember to start going to classes earlier in the first few days to be sure you arrive to class on time.

At Brock the dorm is divided into small areas with many types of rooms and houses for students to choose from.  One thing I am extremely impressed with the 24/7 police team on duty. They’re stationed around the campus and always on patrol. If you are afraid of going home alone at night, they are willing to accompany you. The dorm cafeteria of is open from 10:00 a.m until 1:30 a.m.   Whenever you’re hungry, you can fill your stomach.

St. Catharines is located near the border between Canada and the USA. It is a small city with a small population and low crime rate so it is a very safe environment for students. Half of people here are students or university staff, that’s why St. Catharines is called a “university town.” However, this city doesn’t have many interesting activities or fantastic destinations, so if you are an action person, this city might not suit you.

I hope my scholarship experience might be useful to you. First, you must set goals and objectives and decide on your strengths. You can focus on personal strengths like co-curricular activities. Universities have a lot of criteria for evaluating a student and they have a variety of scholarships. However, you must still try hard in your studies because after all a university is an academic environment. Save all the certificates and documents of your achievements, even the pictures of what you did during high school. For me, what I learned from participating in BCIS Student Council and  co-curricular activities, was that all the certificates for those activities were “weapons” that helped me secure a university scholarship .

Enjoy the moments of your last year of high school and I wish you good luck in university!

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