Art & Music


Art is an integral part of our education. Through this program, the goal is to develop students’ enjoyment and creativity and develop an appreciation of all that is part of the artistic world.
Our Art program is comprised of  2 main areas: Graphic Art and Applied Art. Using a wide variety of mediums and topics, the program not only helps students explore and apply art in their life, but also enhances and develops the connection between art and culture, society and other subjects and the world in which we live.


At BCIS students from grades 3 through 9 enjoy an engaging and challenging music program. To augment vocal music, percussion instruments, ukuleles, and recorders are now an integral part of this robust program, offering students new opportunities to learn to play a musical instrument. Students are experimenting with quality percussion instruments such as tambourines, djembe, African drums and many forms of marakas as well as a brand new 5-piece drum set. 

Each week, students actively participate in 1 period of Music with the Canadian teacher:

  • The grade 4 classes are learning the recorder. 
  • The grade 8 classes are learning the Ukulele for the first semester. 
  • Grade 9 classes are working on several projects such as creating music videos and historical displays. 

We also encourage our students to get together to form groups to share their talents, develop their communication and cooperation skills and create creative and unique music.