Extra-curricular activities is very diverse with about 20 clubs for art, basketball, yoga, badminton, dancing, English karaoke, story writing, chess games, etc. Learn life skills with sewing, gardening, cooking, etc. These extracurricular activities are registered by students and depend on students’ preferences.

Our class of 2015-2016 graduate have applied to many reputable universities including RMIT, University of Economics, University of Law, College of the Rockies in Canada, University of Portland, Oregon USA, International University, Saigon International University, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Hoa Sen University .

After finishing each level, students will be given Certificate of completion for each level from Canadian International School Principal (Elementary and Secondary).

BCIS follows the bilingual program and is part of CISS. Therefore the school management board (Principal, Vice Principal are Canadians), other educational activities, and especially Character Education programs from Ontario are very similar to CIS. Toronto District School Board (TDSB), our strategic partner, is in charge of consulting, implementing and incorporating the content between two programs Vietnamese – Ontario in order to ensure the effectiveness of our bilingual program.

100% of the foreign teachers in the bilingual system is also Canadian teachers, recruited by our partner TDSB. All teachers have expertise, experience in teaching, and belong to Ontario College of Teachers (OTC).

 Each school will have a different price for their programs. At BCIS, students will develop a well-grounded background. Along with Ministry of Education and Training’s standard curriculum, BCIS also deploys Character Education program, with each character theme performed by students once every month. School’s facility is modern, and complete like swimming pool, multipurpose stadium, 2D and 3D cinema, mini soccer fields, experiment labs in order to satisfy students’ needs for developing physically, academically, culturally, or artistically. Every room is spacey with necessary teaching technology. Every subject will have a room with specialized equipment.

Each student will have a homework report book, where they will be record daily homework and other teachers’ notice. Besides, parents can contact teachers through emails anytime. In any emergency situation, teachers will phone parents directly.

All Vietnamese teachers have to graduate from University with Education major, have good experience with English, and proper method of teaching. Our school especially value teachers who are progressive and inquisitive.

BCIS is a bilingual school that is a member of Canadian International School System (CISS).

At BCIS, students are taught the Vietnamese curriculum under Ministry of Education and Training’s standard with supplementary Ontario’s English curriculum. In details:

  1. At elementary level, students have 23 Vietnamese period and 17 English period with Canadian teachers.
  2. At Secondary level: from grade 6 to grade 8, students have 28 Vietnamese periods and 17 English periods with Canadian teachers.
  • From grade 9 to 11, students have 30 Vietnamese classes and 15 English classes with Canadian teachers.
  • For grade 12th, students have 35 Vietnamese periods and 10 English periods with Canadian teachers to get ready for the Vietnam High School Graduation Examination.
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