A story of tears

Mr. Sy Nguyen - BCIS Secondary Vice-Principal

A short article about the tears that I happened to witness at BCIS.

BCIS team at Science Box

It’s been three years since BCIS officially integrated a Makerspace program into the curriculum. And for three years I have been fortunate enough to work at, experience, and have a lot of unforgettable memories at Bilingual Canadian International School. We are becoming known and are making a name for ourselves in many robotics competitions.

Whenever our students are successful and win, all of us are proud of our team! But this article will be different, I will tell you the story behind the students’ success, the untold stories of the BCIS winning team and the many tears shed along the way.

The more I accompanied them to Makerspace competitions, the more I happened to witness students’ tears. Tears were shed when they had spent months of effort and enthusiasm for the competition, when they had aimed for higher results, and were disappointed with their achievement.

In each competition, despite often winning, we had to occasionally accept failure. Disappointment resulting in tears of sadness. But in retrospect, aren't these tears necessary for growth?

At school, students can study at a moderate level, and be happy without worrying. But when they’re on a school team, they choose a hard path and work to overcome all the difficulties they encounter. The cost of that choice can be failure, even though they have put forth tremendous effort, stayed at school late to practice, and have willingly given up much personal time to solve team issues that arose.

Because: “Ai chiến thắng mà chưa hề chiến bại Ai nên khôn mà chẳng dại đôi lần.”

(Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose)

Although not everyone on the team may have been successful yet, I know for sure that they will be more successful in the future. Remember that even Michael Jordan failed the tryout session in his high school. And now, Michael defines success by his failures.

And finally, I wish you a peaceful and happy Tet holiday with your family.

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