Signed as a cooperating partner with Discovery Education, which is an online education platform belonging to Discovery Channel, The Canadian International School is now a Discovery Education Experience School allowed to buy the copyright of Discovery Education's open education program. 

Discovery Education is considered as a global educational resource including: Standard online curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12, a system of authorized and award-winning textbooks, multimedia content store with extremely rich topics… 
Besides free learning data resources on, Discovery Education offers copyrighted learning experiences and programs such as STEM or cross-curriculum, which are available only to partner schools around the world.

This platform will be piloted at all schools in CISS, including the Canadian International School-CIS, Bilingual Canadian International School - BCIS, Albert Einstein Intermediate School - AES, Canada-Vietnam Kindergarten- CVK.

This partnership between CISS and Discovery Education will open up a broader perspective for all CISS students as well as teachers to access many new and unique learning experiences being applied at schools around the world.

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