Addictive substances become more popular and increase diversity. In order to raise awareness of students, BCIS and the Department for Social Vices Prevention in District 7 organised an extracurricular activity about “The disadvantages of cigarettes and drugs” for more than 400 students from grade 8 to 12 in April. 

All students learned about how to recognize many types of drugs.

Watching the footage and evidence from the police, all students learned the negative effects of drugs to users, their family and society, especially the way to recognize many types of drugs.

Students also found out about some types of drugs with many different slang words.

Moreover, students looked at the smoking tools (like vape, shisha accessories) and videos about “abnormal” states when  people use drugs. They also recognised the slang words of drugs like “tem giay”, “keo con cho”... which easily destroy the brain. 


400 students from grade 8 to 12 joined extra activities 

“I have seen but I had no much knowledge of drugs. I think some students are curious or feel stressed, so they just want to try drugs. After joining these activities, I have learned deeply about the disadvantages of drugs and how to protect myself against the harmful substances” - said a student.


Teacher and students focused on listening during the helpful extra activities 

This is one of helpful extra activities that helps students to prepare knowledge and soft skills to control and protect themself, as well as raise awareness of preventing drugs in BCIS.  


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