Mid-Autumn Festival - A Festival of Kindness

At BCIS, Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a time for children to have fun with lanterns and traditional trays, but also a chance for students to share and spread kindness to poor people.

To help poor children have a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival, BCIS students have opened a fundraising stand selling lanterns from August 27 to August 30. The fundraising stand received a lot of students’ and parents’ attention. The money that students got from the fund was used to buy gifts for the charity trip.

Students prepared gifts for children

On September 09, students, teachers and the BCIS Leadership brought 100 gifts for poor children in Long Hoa village, Can Gio town. Here, our students participated in fun activities as well as prepared, decorated, and donated gifts.

After the trip, Huynh Minh Thu - student of 10.2 shared her thoughts: “After the charity trip, I have had such wonderful experiences and also witnessed lots of difficulties and lack of living conditions that children in the countryside had to face. Throughout this trip, I felt more independent and mature when bringing happiness to others.”

Furthermore, All BCIS students, teachers and the Leadership Team know that the Mid-Autumn Festival is more fun when you know how to share with others.


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