Shark Tank BCIS Version, Start-up to share

Huong Anh, Grade 11.4 BCIS

BCIS Grade 11 students had an opportunity to take part in an interesting project called START-UP TO SHARE. We spent time on a common theme of growing vegetables and building a marketing plan for our start-up company.

Throughout the project, we felt that our vegetables grew every day thanks to our teachers’ advice on how to care for them and use a reasonable amount of fertilizer. We wrote a planting diary using the Sway app and made marketing products for the company.

Through the Shark Tank project, we learned a lot of interesting things, such as how to plant vegetables and we developed an appreciation of how difficult it was. If you want a vegetable to grow well, you have to take good care and use a reasonable amount of fertilizer.

We also developed our design skills and made a marketing plan for our vegetable company. We designed commercial products using graphic software. This project was an opportunity to apply theory to life. We understood the differing chemical composition of fertilizer and chose suitable ones to promote our vegetables’ growth. This was a unique opportunity, my first time to sell vegetables we grew and make a profit. Through this project, I not only learnt a lot of

new thíngs but also experienced making money for the first time and the sharks invested in our company. Thank you Ms. Uyen, Ms.Han, and Ms. Nhu for accomodating us and making this an awesome project.

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