Smart Home, a project of grade 9 BCIS

Ms.Chau My Linh BCIS

"Every time you mention physics, what do you think of?"

If your answer is all difficult formulas, exercises, and laws, you should have experienced the Grade 9 "Smart Home" Project to completely change this mindset!

The "Smart Home" was a physics project in which students designed intelligent lighting circuits for homes. In this project, the students took responsibility as engineers of a construction company. The "young engineers" had to generate a modern and smart housing model and prepare to bid on its world-class urban construction project. So what did our young engineers do?

Right from the start of the project, engineers drew their ideas as blueprints, then turned the ideas into vivid and modern housing models. They used the laser cutter to cut the foam, then assembled it into a model. Even the interior was carefully and meticulously made. To be able to make the house more magical and perfect, the engineers applied extremely intelligent lighting systems. The principle of operation of this system was based on an infrared or light sensor so that the indoor lighting system could automatically turn on and off whenever there is human movement or when it is dark. In addition, the application of a wifi remote control system was also one of the most impressive highlights of the project.

This system allowed users to actively control the lighting or set the timer for the home lighting system via wifi. If someone leaves the house forgetting to turn off the lights, what would they do? Instead of having to run home to turn off the lights, or waste power by leaving them on, one can just turn on the phone and press the app, and your home lights will automatically turn off very easily and conveniently!

Through this project, Grade 9 students had the opportunity to experience and apply theoretical knowledge about physics to design and assemble smart lighting systems for their homes. At the same time, they also came up with the most modern and optimal lighting energy saving solution for the house, contributing to raising the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection. A meaningful and interesting learning project!

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