Tết greeting message

Dr. Sheryl Freeman

Chair of the CISS Leadership Team

The Leadership Team for the Canadian International School System is especially proud on the occasion of CIS’

10th Anniversary Year, to bring greetings for the new year, Chuc Mung Nam Moi! As the Vietnamese lunar calendar marks the first day of spring for 2020, the Year of the Rat, or if you prefer, the Year of the Mouse, CISS Schools have been swept clean and students and staff are preparing elaborate and important symbolic tributes to this rich and an

important holiday.

CISS will begin a new decade in a world where change is the only constant, where our children’s lives already vastly different from the lives of their parents, will provide new and as yet unnamed challenges and rewards. To this end, the CISS Board of Directors and the CISS Leadership Team continue to develop and support professional learning opportunities for teachers vested in supporting students’ academic, social and emotional development.

This issue of the Tet Journey celebrates where we have been and where we are going. BCIS’ resounding success in the production of Aladdin, the new Memorandums of Understanding between AES, CIS and Dosun School in Seoul, Korea and increased numbers of CIS graduates at AES, BCIS and CIS are each emblematic of programs designed to celebrate students’ leadership capacities as global citizens.

The future belongs to our young people and the future is now Chuc Mung Nam Moi!


From Ms. Joanne Valere, Elementary Principal CIS

Welcome back to the 2020 school year. As we journey into TET, we would like to wish you health, happiness, and prosperity. Teachers and students are excited to be back to school and to continue to build upon the goals we established in the last term. There is excitement in the school as students get the opportunity to experience and learn about four market regions in Vietnam through displays in the front lobby. Our gratitude goes out to our Vietnamese teachers for their dedication and hard work in putting this together.

CIS is focussing on the character value of Optimism for the month of January. We are encouraging students to embrace a positive growth mindset, to know that through hard work they can succeed and to work collaboratively as they prepare to make a difference in our school and in the greater community. We look forward to seeing you at all our events as we continue to build parent partnerships. Happy TET!


From Ms. Bonnie Thibodeau, BCIS Principal

This Tet Journey highlights the true meaning of TET, emphasizing our students’ commitment to those less fortunate. their belief in close family ties, and their hope and trust in a bright, healthy and happy future for all.

BCIS is abuzz as students celebrate with songs, dances, performances, traditional games, foods and activities, and of course, Lucky Money. They share their joy of the season and the halls of the school ring with their laughter and wishes for “ Chuc Mung Nam Moi”.

t is at this time that one can truly appreciate the caring, kind-heartedness and generosity of our civic-minded students. They donate, prepare and distribute TET boxes willingly giving up their weekend time to engage with and entertain the recipients of these gifts.

For two BCIS students, Duc and Huy of Grade 9.3, this is a very special time. The time when every person goes back to their hometown and talks about their experiences and what they have gained over the past year, and to reconnect and refresh. “This is the time of traditional food, such as banh chung, of amazing fireworks the night before TET, and of lucky money.”

Truly the season of giving, of enjoying family and friends, and celebrating the successes of the past year and offering best wishes for health and happiness in the future. TET is the highlight of the year for everyone. Happy New Lunar Year.


From Ms. Tran Thi Le Hang - CVK Principal

There is overwhelming excitement for an upcoming Tet new year at CISS in general and CVK in particular. Children of all ages are excited to mold, tear, cut, paste apricot flowers to decorate their classrooms; or patiently to draw, fold, create ... to make greeting cards to bring home for their parents. A wide range of activities to welcome Tet is now happening in all classes. Vibrant, cheerful colors glow on students’ and teachers’ faces, as happiness emanates from their hearts. Wishing CISS a new year full of love.


From Mr. Ian Wilson - Director AES

When I returned to school for the second semester of our school year I could see and feel a sense of excitement building in our students, teachers, and parents for our school community’s preparations for TET, the Year Of The Rat. So welcome back and greetings to the new year for 2020.

AES senior secondary students hosted a very successful school visit from Dosun High School students on the first day of the semester. Congratulations to the student council and student leadership team that prepared the program for the visit over their new year vacation.

We have a busy semester ahead and are looking forward to our TET House days and games as well as our annual TET Festival activities. All classes and students are working cooperatively to prepare for this highlight of our school calendar. We know that it will be an exciting week next week for our school community. Happy Lunar New Year to the CISS community from AES students, staff and parents.

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