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Extracurrilular Activities

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Extracurrilular Activities

At BCIS, the school builds a community of students in a variety of fields and activities. Thereby helping students train necessary skills, dynamism, and agility as well as comprehensive development of physical and mental.

Houses & Clubs

  • 75 clubs in all fields of sports, arts, science, academic …
  • The House System is entering into its third year at CIS and is a tradition in many international schools around the world. It is meant to increase school spirit by way of healthy competition in a team environment while adding an increased feeling of belonging and a sense of tradition. Students will be able to earn points based on many things, from sports to music to academic performance. Our 4 Houses are Cerberus (Black), Phoenix (Red), Kraken (Blue), and Hydra (White)

Community Activities

CISS students in all four schools are involved in a variety of community projects. We participate in an international Global Issues Network (GIN), fundraise for a variety of local and international charities, and have been the lead school in the annual HCMC Terry Fox Run. Many clubs have been generated by students’ commitments to a social cause: Habitat for Humanity, Hand to Paw, Anti Human Trafficking… This exposure to issues of social responsibility enables students to develop their skills as global citizens giving back to their community.

Student Councils

Five student councils include: Intermediate student council (grades 6-8), Senior student council (grades 9-12), House Council, GIN Council, and Sports Council. Student Council is an opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership, promote collective work skills as well as global citizenship. Thereby, they also have their voice in improving school activities to bring about a healthy, active and diversified school life at CISS

“Creative space” Makerspace

The CIS Makerspace concept started in August 2016 as a pilot project for students in Grade 7 and 8. It was designed to encourage innovation and to actively engage students in the use of technology (both high tech and low tech) to solve problems. The CIS Makerspace provides hands-on creative ways for students to design, experiment, and invent as they engage in science, engineering, and tinkering.