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House System & Clubs

Extracurricular Activities

House System

The final major piece of our Co-Curricular puzzle here at CISS is our House System! For those of you new to the CISS Community, the House System is a traditional feature of schools worldwide whereby the participating school is split into subunits known as Houses.

The House System increases school spirit through healthy team competition. Four House Days have been designated in the school calendar as a way of fostering a sense of belonging, building tradition and underscoring the values of character education. Our 4 Houses are: Cerberus (Black), Phoenix (Red), Kraken (Blue), and Hydra (White). 

Last year we wrapped up our second year of the House System by awarding the Kraken House the House Cup for the second consecutive year. They staged an incredible late year charge to retain the Cup with a staggering 345,021 points and will once again hold the distinct honour of being known as the “defending champs” for the entire 2019-2020 school year.

Extracurricular Activities


Twice a week, BCIS students participate in after-school clubs. Clubs are organized in many fields: sports, academics, arts to develop students’ diverse talents and interests.

The Primary & Junior Club Program is team based and exposes the students to a wide range of athletic, academic, and artistic activities.

The Intermediate & Senior Club Program offers more specialized clubs run over a longer period of time such as game-based learning, creative coding, photography, culinary, and the yearbook.

Many clubs were founded and led by students themselves to help the community such as: Habitat for Humanity (Project to support housing), Anti – Bullying Project (Project against school violence) , Model United Nation (MUN). Participating in these activities will help children develop a sense of social responsibility, thereby developing the skills needed as a global citizen to contribute to the community.

Primary / Junior Clubs

For the past 4 years our Primary/Junior Clubs Program has operated on a team-based format and this will continue into the 2019-2020 school year. With a team-based club program, all of our Primary/Junior students are part of a team! There are so many life skills that can be learned from being part of a team and it is also a great way to build character. Character Education is an integral part of the CISS Curriculum from Kindergarten through to Grade 12.

Intermediate / Senior Clubs

Our Intermediate/Senior Clubs Program continues to thrive and last year we were able to offer a wide range of Clubs that catered to the interests of all students. The Student-Led, Sport-Based Clubs were a huge hit for all the students and we will expand upon this success this year as we strive to give our students as many opportunities as possible to be active. GIN (Global Issues Network) Clubs also continue to be an integral part of the Intermediate/Senior program in addition to the many other endeavours that our teachers prepare.