English Program at BCIS

The English program is delivered by our qualified teachers who are either Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) certified or eligible to be OCT certified. The English language program will help students to not only fulfill the requirements of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training but also to develop the advanced English skills necessary to continue learning effectively at international universities in Vietnam or abroad.

English Program Pathway

  • Primary Program (Grades 1-5): develop reading, writing, speaking and listening English skills

  • Secondary Curriculum (Grades 6-10):  develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.   By grade 9 students choose their English Option classes based on their interests and curiosity to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

  • High school Curriculum (Grades 10-12): High school courses provide 3 different levels of learning.  The English as an Additional Language (EAL) stream provides entry level English taught by OCT certified teachers. The Core English programs, designed for emerging English learners, are based on the Ontario ESL curriculum and the Advanced Courses, for those more proficient in English, are based on the Ontario English Curriculum.

EAL Program is provided for students with very limited English skills. This provides an introduction to basic oral communication (listening and speaking), and reading and writing skills in an encouraging, safe setting where they develop the confidence to speak, ask questions and interact in an English environment.

At BCIS, we currently have 4 EAL teachers to support English Language Learners.

  • Students in Grades 3-8, work closely with their EAL teachers and classroom teacher to further develop their oral communication, writing and reading skills. This support includes in-class and out of class support. EAL teachers work with classroom teachers to understand the Unit of Study, to understand vocabulary and make connections with their English classes. 

  • In Grade 9-11, students are supported during their Core English and Option Courses. This ensures the students learn at their level and develop additional more complex English skills. This allows for scaffolding learning to enrich students’ learning experiences.

English Certificates

BCIS supports high school students to continually improve their skills in order to achieve higher levels on familiar standardized tests such as the IELTS or TOEFL.

We will implement a new BCIS English Completion Certificate which credits our students for their accomplishments, IELTS results, civic mindedness and global awareness.

Unique English Program

Over the 2016-2017 school year, the BCIS high school (Grade 9-12) program incorporated three advanced courses: (1) International Business; (2) Travel and Tourism; and (3) Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Environmental Science. Students with advanced English levels enrolled in one, two or three of these courses with the opportunity to earn credits towards an International Certificate in Global Studies. 

Although the primary purpose of these classes remains English language acquisition, our approach is to develop language proficiency through advanced, stimulating content rather than a focus on the language itself. In addition, the advanced subject matter provides the type of challenging ideas and topics for developing the academic skills necessary for post-secondary studies. 

For this coming school year, we are extending our Grade 9-12 course options to include additional opportunities for students to develop their English skills through content-based courses. We will offer Core English programs at regular and more advanced levels, and a variety of optional courses including some drama and humanities programming for interested students who have a wider variety of English level abilities.