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Going beyond an academic English playground, IvyPrep Championship 2023 is also a place to help high school students develop awareness of the world around them, consolidate and accumulate new knowledge.



At the same time, the rounds with methodical exam content and intense competition rules are also an opportunity for candidates to perfect the necessary academic skills of a global citizen in the new era.

This year’s competition season is also the first year that the IvyPrep Championship is held in the form of Hybrid – a combination of online competition and live competition.



  1. Topics and fields:

The topic of debate at the IvyPrep Championship 2023 is “A World Divided”, which is also the “hot spot” of this year’s competition. The competition teams will enter the competition around the same topics and fields as Sociology, Science and Technology, Literature and Communication.

  • Sociology:

International secession events: Brexit; US withdraws from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Rearranging the order among the great powers: China rose to become one of the great powers with far-reaching economic influence; confrontation between Russia and other great powers

The class divide and the divide between rich and poor in society became widespread after the Covid pandemic

The shift of occupations in the new era / Re-division of occupations

Notable divisions such as: Berlin Wall, South-North Korea, South-North Vietnam

Oil and energy crisis

Family separation (children have to face and endure physical and emotional suffering…)

  • Science and technology:

Soft boundary between virtual world and real world

When Science Approaches the Creator’s Power

The explosion of vehicles using environmentally friendly materials.

  • Literature & Communication:

What can we learn from literature about war and division?

Thought shaping: The role of social networks in dividing the flow of thoughts before an issue

Separation in the royal family: escapism/separation from power of individuals (British royal family: Prince Harry, Princess of Japan, Thailand)

  • How the virtual world dominates and greatly affects people’s daily lives and lifestyles
  1. Contestants:

IvyPrep Championship 2023 for high school students from grades 6 to 12, divided into 2 groups by grade level:

Junior: Students in grades 6 to 8

Senior: Students in grades 9 to 12

Note: Candidates must register in groups of 3

  1. Place and form of organization

26/02/2023: Information Day – Information Day

05/03/2023: Ivy Scholar – Individual knowledge test – Online competition

March 19, 2023: Live competition in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City

Ivy Debate – Team Debate

Ivy Squad – Team knowledge test

Gala honoring and awarding

  1. Contest Rules

Round 1: Ivy Scholar – Personal knowledge

Each candidate will take the online multiple-choice test on a personal or desktop computer.

The test consists of 45 questions and lasts for 60 minutes. The content of the questions spread across 3 areas of the contest.

The difficulty of the questions will be evenly distributed in the question and by age groups. This section requires acumen, decisiveness, concentration, high thinking and search and self-study skills. In addition, the test requires candidates to have reading skills to understand knowledge and topics of different areas of life.

Medals and trophies are awarded to the highest scoring individuals.

Candidates are allowed to use reference materials.

Note: Candidates need to carefully prepare equipment such as personal computers or desktop computers before the test day, as well as ensure a stable Internet connection during the test. The Organizer will not be responsible for solving problems with the device and Internet connection from the contestants.

Round 2: Ivy Debate – Team Debate

This round will take place over 2 rounds. At each turn, the teams will have 10 minutes to discuss (using materials).

After that, each member of each team in turn will have 3 minutes to complete their argument. After each round of debate, the remaining team will have 1 minute to prepare for the contest of their competitors. The team with excellent arguments and persuasion will win each round.

Debate topics will be announced by the judges at the beginning of each round. Supporters and Opponents will also be randomly selected by the judges between the two teams.

The winning team will be announced by the judges immediately after the contest ends. Note, in addition to determining the winner and loser, the judge will not give any explanation to ensure fairness and objectivity.

Medals and trophies are awarded to the teams with the best debating skills.



Round 3: Ivy Squad – Team Knowledge

Each team will take an online multiple-choice test on a personal computer or tablet.

The test consists of 20 questions and lasts for 60 minutes. Contents of the questions spread across 3 areas of the contest.

The difficulty of the questions will be evenly distributed in the question and by age groups.

Medals and trophies are awarded to the highest scoring individuals.

Candidates are allowed to use reference materials.

  1. Exam fees and registration form

Exam fee: 250,000 VND / candidate

50% discount exclusively for students belonging to schools in the CISS system.

Time for registration and fee collection: End of February 20, 2023

  1. Prize structure:

The total prize value is up to 15 billion VND, including:

14 championship trophies, 210 medals

IvyPrep English Scholarship, Ivy Global School American High School Scholarship

Exquisite technology gifts from BTC and Sponsors.

Quickly click register to attend IvyPrep Championship 2023 to try and win the championship trophy!

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