Secondary curriculum Grades 10 - 12

Learning outcomes and skills for High school students (Grades 10 - 12) at BCIS are governed by the Ministry of Training and Education of Vietnam and the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training curriculum, all, within a Canadian environment.

In the Vietnamese program, through a variety of activities and real life learning opportunities, students are actively engaged in their learning. All elements of the Vietnamese program are met with certified teachers offering these classes. Using such techniques as project based learning, students acquire knowledge and develop collaboration and organizational skills, creativity, and peaceful conflict resolution, embracing the Vietnamese culture and values.

Students graduate from grade 12 at BCIS with the Vietnamese diploma issued by the Ministry of Education and Training for all schools in the Vietnamese public system.  

The English program is based on learning expectations from the province of Ontario. This child-centered, thematic approach encourages students through active, relevant learning opportunities to fully develop their knowledge and skills to reach their full potential. Students learn with our native speaking international teachers 15 periods per week. In addition, Library and  Physical Education programs are provided weekly by these teachers. The overall goal of the English program is language acquisition, the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. To prepare BCIS students for the rapidly ever changing world, of critical importance is the development of critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills, creativity and global citizenship. Each of these skills is encouraged and actively pursued within all of our programs.

Students are placed in  A, B, C, or D level classes, based on levels of literacy development and proficiency in their English language.  A is entry level English and these students, with minimal English skills, study with teachers who specialize in early English language learning. This is our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program. These students then move to our ESL programs of levels B, C and D as they acquire some additional  English skills. Courses of Study are developed using the Ontario Curriculum Grades 9-12, English as a Second Language and English Literacy Development documents. The expectations for these ESL programs are designed to help our learners develop proficiency in everyday English and in academic English. Overall expectations in the documents outline general knowledge and learning skills for each course, while specific expectations describe these in more detail. 

Students who have strong English language proficiency levels are encouraged to take our E level (Academic) courses. This course is based on The Ontario Curriculum: Grades 9 and 10, English  and The Ontario Curriculum: Grades 11 and 12, English  and are academic courses designed to further develop students’ literacy skills  of listening and speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing. Complex materials and topics challenge the students to think critically, develop academic English vocabulary, improve note-taking and organizational skills, expand their use of English and prepare them for English studies abroad.

For the school year 2019-2020, the following Option Courses were offered to BCIS Grade 9-12 students.

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