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Travel through Vietnam with project-based learning

Project-based learning is one of the quintessence of educational methods at the Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS). The words, figures, or animations inherent in books come to life through the creative perspective of students when implementing projects on certain subjects.

This method helps to erase biases, bringing “tricky” knowledge and subjects into small businesses for BCISers. Moreover, this is also a way for children to experience travel from afar. For example, the exhibition “Hello Vietnam” brings BCIS high school biologists to explore world biosphere reserves across Vietnam.

World-recognized biosphere reserves such as Kon Ha Nung, Can Gio, and Tay Nghe An to the Kien Giang sea and island area are faithfully reproduced by BCISers of grade 9 of outstanding ecological features of topography, the climate, and the organisms there. Must carefully study and understand the rich terrain of each area, students can come up with ideas and build models that are close to reality.

Let’s explore the world-recognized biosphere reserves recreated by BCISer!

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