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Welcome Abbeygate to The Bilingual Canadian International School

Today, March 30, Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS) welcomed the visit of teachers and 26 students representing the Abbeygate Sixth Form College, UK.
On behalf of the delegation of Abbeygate Sixth Form College, BCIS welcomed Ms. Claire McClerly, teacher of English and Sociology, A-Level program of Abbeygate. On the BCIS side, we had the participation of Doctor of Education Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen, Principal of BCIS; Mr. Robert Charles Thorn, Vice-Principal of BCIS; Mr. Nguyen Van Sy, Vice-Principal of BCIS High School, the coordinators of IGCSE, A – Level BCIS and BCIS High School students.
The networking session with Abbeygate School gave the BCISers in High School an overview of the training system, the development roadmap of the A-Level curriculum in the UK. Abbeygate students share real-life experiences about the details of their subjects, student life, and the A-Level pathway they are studying. Through the sharing session, the students also introduced and answered some questions of BCISer about projects from the subject groups that contributed to the direction of pursuing their future majors.
BCIS is one of the Bilingual International Schools that teach a combination of MOET and A-Level curricula with the goal of training and equipping them with solid equipment for global citizens while still promoting Vietnamese culture. From the school year 2023 – 2024, BCIS officially launches the A-Level curriculum with subject combinations that meet the needs and learning abilities of students.

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